Karori West Sunday Market

This week’s review is a little late because I’ve had a cold, sorry. I know I should have written it in advance, but I had only visited this place once and was keen to visit again to make sure it was always good.

Karori West Sunday Market - 14 October 2017

Just over a week ago now a new market opened in Karori. There are heaps of markets out there, you’d think we had enough. I thought it would be worth checking out to see why Wellington thought it needed another market.

And it turns out we do! Karori West School, now with a population tipping five hundred primary school aged children, is a wonderful place for a market. The school has gone from being way at the end of Karori to being in the middle of a large catchment of walkers.

The market itself is tiny. Last Sunday when we went the bread had sold out and there was a long queue for vegetables. This week the bread stall supplied twice as much bread and there were two cashiers at the vegetable stall. The other stalls, coffee, tacos, preserves, etc made a steady trade. This Sunday the same stalls were there and once again the locals had turned up despite some discouraging spring hail. The canny locals across the road set up a sweet stall in their garage that was just as busy as the market.

Everything we bought was fresh, except for the strawberries – I don’t have much luck with buying strawberries and none of these ones had lasted the journey down from the Auckland supplier on the label. I’m never quite sure about how to go about complaining about something once you’ve got it home and opened it so we just threw them out. I’m impressed with their avocados. They come in little bags of five with one ripe enough to eat and the others on their way. Perfect for family lunches. The rest of the fruit and vegetables nicely complimented the greens growing in my garden. I’m definitely coming back as often as I can.

Next week’s review could have been about cold remedies, but I didn’t buy any. I stuck to fresh, hot lemon ginger drinks teamed with hot ginger and beef broth and they seem to be working. So, next week I’ll tell you how my upcoming visit to Arovundi Village in Fiji went. I’ll be showing the locals how to make soap and am absolutely looking forwards to it.