Combatting the Building Christmas Stress

Christmas Stress

Combatting the Christmas Stress - Wednesday 13 December 2017

You know how it’s going to end. You’ve been oh so organised. You started Christmas shopping in the July sales and have an appropriate stash in the locked cupboard. The family threw in a few curveballs by having the audacity to write Christmas lists with things on them you hadn’t anticipated, so you ended up sneaking out of work at 10:30 this morning to see if there was anything left in ToyWorld. Amazon was employed to shop for the overseas rellies as usual. Countdown is booked for a Sunday delivery to your place. You have special food pre-ordered all over town and plan to pick it all up on the Thursday or Friday before Christmas. You know you will spend this weekend getting the spare bedroom ready, and making sure all the sleeping bags and spare duvets are clean. There are still a million things to do before Christmas, but you’ll get them all done. Including those extras that pop up every year. You leave it another day to buy cherries every time you drive past one of those road-side stalls with the bored teenager.


Work is still busy. They know you have a nanny and a loving husband, so you don’t have to leave the office at five, do you? Just let's get one more pre-Christmas proposal out the door! The children are off school and need organising. The nanny is running out of ideas for things to do with the children and lets them use up the present cash you gave her in one gift.  Years of budgeting lessons down the drain! The cleaner is sleeping on the job more and more as spring wizzes on. The lawn mower guy mowed the lawn too short last month and it’s now an ominous shade of crunchy brown. He walked the lawnmower around it again while you were at work on Friday. You add them all to your Christmas thank you list – a Hopi Handmade Castile Soap for everyone.

And work is still busy. When are you going to get out to do those last-minute Christmas things? It’s too late to book annual leave on Friday and your boss wants you all to relax and celebrate the end of the year with some well-earned bubbly. You'll have to spend the weekend running around like a headless chicken if you're not careful.

You realise you need a break. But it isn’t going to happen. So, what do you do? How can you make sure you’re not a snappy stress-bunny on Christmas Day?

The only way you are going to have some time to sort this all out is to have a long private bath with all your lists, a glass of wine and your stash of Hopi homemade products. You throw the children at hubby with a fixed grin that he recognises, then run for it and lock the door.

You’ve made it! The bath is running with a drop of essential oil in it. The sugar scrub and handmade soap sit within easy reach. There's your book from the last time you managed a bath. You forgot the lists and the glass of wine, but that’s OK you’re in your happy place now….