Raroa Gully Castile Soaps and Shampoos

Established 2014

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Our soaps and shampoos are gentle enough for people with sensitive skin to use again and again, day after day. They give your body a breather from the effects of hand sanitiser, preservatives and perfumes. We do this by combining a Castile recipe using only local olive oil with the best ingredients from New Zealand and overseas See our full shop here

Our Customers Say


"The Frankincense, Lavender and Neroli smells delicious!” Stella


“I brought my soap home to the US, the family loved it, so now they’re all gone…   I need to order more!!!! :-)” Joan


"Using Hopi soap for my family means I can be assured that they are getting clean with natural ingredients which are gentle on their skin and lovely fragrances." Ruth


"Hopi soap is such a treat to use. It smells devine, yet it's gentle enough to use on little ones with sensitive skin too. Can't get enough!" Olivia


Our Story

Our family has always suffered from eczema and psoriasis. There were multiple doctors visits and prescription products containing chemicals and ingredients that didn't work.


Over a decade ago I started months of research, sourcing ingredients and testing products on friends and family. I developed a recipe that was gentle and nurturing enough for my whole family - Hopi Handmade Castile Soaps were born.


Since then, our family business has grown. We now sell online and through selected retailers. We supply to the tourism industry and to people who travel a lot for their jobs. Now my daughter Samantha and her cousin Kristen have joined the team and my husband Simon occasionally helps out at the Otaki Yard Family Market.


We support the Eczema Association of New Zealand and Allergy New Zealand

Ethically Sourced Ingredients

Our essential oils are all guaranteed by our Wellington Supplier to be ethically sourced from New Zealand and around the world. Our olive oil is sourced from The Olive Press in Greytown and comes from organically grown local olives. Our seawater is from the south of Makara Bay in Wellington and our whole milk is from Te Horo.

Eco Packaging

At Raroa Gully using sustainable packaging has been a must from the start in 2014. All our products come in reusable and recyclable packaging to help minimise our carbon footprint. Our cardboard boxes and delivery bags are home compostable. Reuse our glass jars by asking for a refill or making preserves. Bring your own liquid soap containers to pick up from our Wellington Workshop or Otaki Yard Family Market

To find our workshop go down the wooden stairs to the right of the main house.


Raroa Gully
23 Zetland Street
Wellington 6012
New Zealand